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A little in love with my view this week.

And look out the dining room window. Can you just imagine eating all your meals here? I predict by dinner a 1,000 piece puzzle will work its way to this tabletop.… Read More

Friday Five and a Half

1. My daughter had her first dance recital. She’s not bossy or anything.
(Remind me to pull her hair back next year, will ya?)
2. I had a fabulous time in Chicago, in spite of icky weather (32 degrees, people.)
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I Could Go For Another

Day Like This.

SCUMBLE by Ingrid Law (SAVVY) is an amazing read. I could hardly put it down and found myself rereading sentences for pure bliss. Clever, witty, and full of heart. Perfect for reluctant boy readers or any girl
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I’m Back

I took a week off to play with my family.
We headed to the mountains and had some serious fun.
Now it’s back to reality and loads of laundry.
I took my laptop but never pulled it out of the
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