A little in love with my view this week.

And look out the dining room window. Can you just imagine eating all your meals here? I predict by dinner a 1,000 piece puzzle will work its way to this tabletop.

I’m really digging this Murphy bed. And the book nook! And the writing desk! And the awesome red chair. Taking notes for whenever we move.
So the kids were bummed the “treasure chest” only had pillows. But what an awesome space. Oh, and Olivia travels with us *everywhere*. It seems she’s forgotten her leggings. Maybe I should check that box for them. After all, it’s a good 30 degrees cooler than home.


I’d love to hear from you. Are you all going places this summer or relishing in staying home?

4 Responses to “Heaven”

  1. Myrna Foster

    I'm looking forward to staying home this month, getting stuff done, and playing with my kids. Last month, I spent a week camping, and we visited my husband's family in Utah, and my sister came to visit for a week.

    Love the pictures! I hope you're having a wonderful time!