Paris Bookstore, Plus an Author Interview

Click here for a fabulous interview with Johanna Wright, Illustrator and Author of children’s books, in which she talks about her writing and painting process. Her most recent work is The Secret Circus (Roaring Brook Press, March 31, 2009).

I love this book, own it, and was lucky enough to see it in person on the shelf in Paris’ Left Bank Shakespeare and Company bookshop. (To put it mildly, I was giddy.)
Heaven on earth I tell you. Look at the stack 0′ books! It puts my leaning tower to shame!

I’ll take this room with a view. The only way my husband convinced me to leave was bribery with my other vice (um, not the art supplies one, the sugary one) – ice cream. Don’t judge. We’d just had a 12 hour plane ride. Posted via email from Another Gray Day

7 Responses to “Paris Bookstore, Plus an Author Interview”

  1. Audra

    I can smell the bliss! Just to be on the Left Bank, much less in a fabulous book shop then eating ice cream!! I might not be able to talk to you anymore. 🙂

  2. kristinlgray

    Catherine – it was paradise.
    Karen – aren't they dreamy?
    JennyMac – I could have stayed all day. (except I can't read French.) they did have lots of US titles.
    Rachel – and the calories. =)
    Audra – sure you will. A phone call is cheaper than therapy.