In Wonderland

An original Alice in Wonderland book will be for sale, for a mere 150 thousand. The book belonged to the real Alice, Alice Liddell. Read all about it, and the sale of Beatrix Potter‘s “Tale of Peter Rabbit“, here. Which reminds me I haven’t seen Miss Potter.

My husband took me to Oxford last summer for our anniversary. We walked through Christ Church College, where the famed dining hall of Hogwarts was modeled. (I believe our guide said scenes from the first film were shot here, but not the latter. Don’t quote me on that.) Regardless, it was mind blowing to know the likes of Robert Hooke (inventor of the microscope), John Locke, John Wesley, and Lewis Carroll dined there.
I was giddy. (And half expected those portraits to argue.)
I might have over done it a wee bit. Maxed out my phone camera. There was the quaint Alice’s Shop across the street. Next to a bookstore. Sigh. Look, you can even see a cardboard cutout of Alice.
Now I already had a hardcover Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland from my childhood, but I had to purchase another for my daughter. I mean, I was IN Oxford. It was my motherly duty. And its red and black checkered spine sold me. Here it is, still shrink-wrapped.
I, uh, even bought her this wooden clock for her room. I didn’t think the porcelain tea set would have survived the flight back (or her and her brothers).
“Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!”

3 Responses to “In Wonderland”

  1. Audra

    Beautiful portraits. The dining hall reminds me of the dining room in my college dorm. NOT! You would probably gain a higher IQ just from eating in there!