Friday Five and a Half

1. My daughter had her first dance recital. She’s not bossy or anything.

(Remind me to pull her hair back next year, will ya?)
2. I had a fabulous time in Chicago, in spite of icky weather (32 degrees, people.)
Pizza! Garrett’s! Spa! Nordstrom Rack! Good Food! Better Friends! And, uh, Three New Pounds.
3. My kids have 3 days of school remaining. I’m so not old enough to have a fifth grader.
4. We have nice Amish people working on our house. I might have shut the blinds so they can’t see me use my laptop. Which reminds me, you should read my friend Kim‘s, Who-Totally-Didn’t-Come-To-Chicago-As-Planned, book. Just kidding, Kim! (She had a good excuse.)
5. My state, and surrounding area, was hit hard by severe weather this week. Prayers appreciated as we assist those in Joplin. No words.
5.5. I have feathers! That is the only thing I’ll ever have in common with Steven Tyler.
How have you guys been?

3 Responses to “Friday Five and a Half”

  1. Kristin Rae


    That dance recital looks ADORABLE.

    I want feathers!! My cousin is a hair dresser and she just got some clamped in her hair. They are super cute! I may go for turquoise ones. 🙂 What do yours look like?

  2. kristinlgray

    Hey, Kristin!
    I have one hot pink, one striped turquoise, and two ginger colored ones (one striped, one not). Love them. Have been in about 2 weeks. My daughter's has been in over a month.

  3. Laura Pauling

    that picture is hilarious with your daughter. She's a future leader of America! My kids are out in a couple weeks and I'm desperately trying to finish up some revisions so I can take a break.