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Friday Five and a Half

1. My daughter had her first dance recital. She’s not bossy or anything.
(Remind me to pull her hair back next year, will ya?)
2. I had a fabulous time in Chicago, in spite of icky weather (32 degrees, people.)
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Friday Five

1. We had a mini-blizzard in my corner of the world, where they cancel school for a few flakes and are not accustomed to such blustery-ness and frigid temps (-18 F).
2. That’s right. I made blustery a noun.
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Friday Five

Only it’s Saturday, so I added a sixth.
1. My family camped in the backyard last night.
2. I did not. (It was cold, people. Even my dog was shivering.)
3. Getting over strep throat is no fun.
4. I
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