Friday Five (and a half)

1. My soon to be 8 year old had an apple pie baking contest at school. We lost.

2. However, he now has mad pie-crimping skills. 🙂
3. Check out The Mercy House in Kenya when you have a chance.
4. If you need a good caper type read for your middle schooler, may I suggest Edison’s Gold by Geoff Watson? Mr. Watson’s a screenwriter, as this fast, fun read shows. It was pitched as National Treasure meet Goonies. Love.
5. Is Thanksgiving really next week?
I’m baking my grandmother’s cornbread dressing and thankful to God for family and health and 1,000 other gifts like Greek yogurt.
5.5 Oh, and my 4 year old insists his construction paper Pilgrim’s hat is a pirate one. Wouldn’t that have been interesting? Just think, we could have had Talk Like an Englishman Day.
What are you thankful for?

5 Responses to “Friday Five (and a half)”

  1. kristinlgray

    Katie – Ha. Glad someone noticed, his teachers covered the center of the pie w/ his entry number, so no one saw it!

    Clara – Yes, for breakfast! 🙂