Friday Five

Only it’s Saturday, so I added a sixth.
1. My family camped in the backyard last night.
2. I did not. (It was cold, people. Even my dog was shivering.)
3. Getting over strep throat is no fun.
4. I have the makings for homemade caramel corn.
5. My oldest looks cute in his new glasses. If only we’d known he needed them before buying his costume… He would have made a great Harry Potter.
6. My husband ran another marathon. And managed to keep all his toenails this time. (Stuff runners don’t tell you.) He’s the tall handsome one. 😉
Enjoy your weekend!

2 Responses to “Friday Five”

  1. Catherine Denton

    Wait, are you saying you contemplated camping in the backyard while having strep throat??? My Mom used to make caramel corn in the fall. I need to start that tradition. Yum!

  2. kristinlgray

    Haha, Catherine, no, that's why I was the one sleeping indoors!

    My mom made caramel corn every fall, too! I'll try to post the recipe next week.