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“Always leave room in your life for miracles.” – Thomas Wolfe

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37
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Life Goes On

With so much heartache in the world making headlines, I thought I’d share a happy video. This wasn’t my scheduled post for today, but I hope you’ll be smiling and toe-tapping before it’s done.

I’m going quiet the rest of
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It’s been years since we gave this dog away.
Funny, I never got around to finishing.
Don’t think I want to.
I loved that dog. She was horrid.
Which makes me wonder.
How can I be sure about leaving that
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*UPDATE* E came out of a nearly 10 hour surgery with flying colors! Thank you to everyone who prayed and sent positive thoughts! She’s continued to amaze her cardio team. I saw her about an hour post-op, and she was
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