It’s been years since we gave this dog away.
Funny, I never got around to finishing.
Don’t think I want to.
I loved that dog. She was horrid.
Which makes me wonder.
How can I be sure about leaving that work but not other creative efforts?
Maybe knowing when to walk away boils down to knowing when you can’t.
Now, the sun is dallying. The days are longer.
Can I have a hallelujah?
Maybe I’ll pick up paints. Do something crafty. Play with the kids, outdoors.
Finish a few things.
You know that I’ve been meaning to.
If something strikes my fancy, I’ll post soon enough.
As a family, we’re entering a whirlwind season. I hope to come out with my mess of hair relatively tame.
But tonight, I’m just thankful.

2 Responses to “Unfinished”

  1. Audra

    Beautiful writing and gorgeous painting! I like it unfinished, kind of like the portrait of George Washington. Was this the dog that chewed up your chairs?

  2. Solvang Sherrie

    Gorgeous painting! I had no idea you were a painter as well. So many talents over in this little corner of the world 🙂