Permission to be Awesome + Thankful Thursday

In light of the news yesterday that Apple CEO Steve Jobs stepped down, my husband found a speech Mr. Jobs gave in 2005 at Stanford’s graduation.

We only live once. Make it count.
Why no one needs permission to be awesome. Writers, people, take note.
Thankful Thursday (Or, things I take for granted.)
1. The sun is shining.
2. I woke up this morning.
3. My 3 year old daughter, who fell six feet this summer to concrete below, is home snuggling in her pajamas with her plush dog and giggling.
4. I’m eating a perfectly ripened banana with peanut butter. Amen.
5. I have no coffee pot this week, but the Word is open and a manuscript awaits.

2 Responses to “Permission to be Awesome + Thankful Thursday”

  1. Catherine Denton

    I take so many things for granted too, I appreciate the reminder to be grateful. And I'm rejoicing with you that your daughter is okay!! That's a HUGE one.