*UPDATE* E came out of a nearly 10 hour surgery with flying colors! Thank you to everyone who prayed and sent positive thoughts! She’s continued to amaze her cardio team. I saw her about an hour post-op, and she was asking for a drink of water. They have a long road ahead, but a huge hurdle down. For those curious, she was born with hypoplastic left heart.

This is my sweet friend E in the red hat. She’ll be four in June. I was lucky enough to snap some beach pictures of her and my daughter last summer.

We’ve known Miss E’s parents going on 15 years.
They’d love nothing more for you to be praying for her Friday morning at 7:00 AM (CST) as she undergoes her third major heart operation.
Because we’d love more days like this.
Thank you.

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  1. Jackee

    Oh, man. I hope everything went well yesterday. I have a cousin who has a child like this and I pray for them every day.

    Thanks for sharing and your blog is gorgeous!