PiBoIdMo 2014

It’s that time of year! Picture Book Idea Month. Generate 30 picture book ideas in the month of November. 
Participants who register for PiBoIdMo and complete the 30-idea challenge will be eligible for prizes, including signed picture books, original art, critiques, Skype sessions and feedback from one of ten picture book agents. 
This year’s agents are:
I’ve taken part of PiBoIdMo since the beginning. I love having a springboard of ideas (some great, others not so much) I can work from year round. (Thank you, Tara!) A helpful hint:  I actually use the Notesy app that syncs from my laptop to my phone, so I can jot down ideas wherever I may be. So, good luck!
Here’s to a creative month!

2 Responses to “PiBoIdMo 2014”

  1. Myrna Foster

    Last year was my first year participating. It was fun, but I didn't do much with my ideas. This year I'm writing rough drafts for the most compelling ones as I go, and it's so much more fun. They don't all work, but that's okay.