Updates and whatnot.

I have been missing from the blog as of late. School started. We moved. And, well, we’re just now feeling somewhat settled in the new place. It’s a process, but I love our quirky old house. It fits us. I hope we wear it well.

I did manage to sneak in a few middle grade reads. I may very well be the last kid lit enthusiast standing who hasn’t read THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN. I’m a few pages in and smitten.
With IVAN, WONDER, LIAR & SPY, and THREE TIMES LUCKY, I fear this new CHRONICLES of EGG pirates book as well as THE PECULIAR (which I have but haven’t begun). . . are all enough to make a middle grade writer throw her pen down in despair. But she can also vow to become better at her craft. It’s equal part admiration and awe and confounded frustration at how *easy* it all seems. But nothing that looks easy is rarely that way. Lots of behind the scenes sweat and tears, colorful cursing and prayers into a book make. I guess that’s true of most everything.
What have you read lately that is unputdownable and engaging? Anything I need to add to my list?

3 Responses to “Updates and whatnot.”

  1. Kristin Rae

    Yes yes tears and cursing! LOL

    hmmmm I think it's truly been a while since I've read something I couldn't put down…. the last was probably Nevermore by Kelly Creagh. It's a bit dark, but I really got pulled in.