Some Thoughts on Success & Rejection

“Success as a writer depends more on intelligent persistence than on raw talent.” – author Ellen Jackson

Hey, writer friends, the article 6 Steps to Dealing with Rejection by author Ellen Jackson is one of the most encouraging posts for writers I have read in a long while. Ellen probably won’t remember, but we exchanged emails a couple years ago. She was helpful and kind and wise, I immediately felt valued as a newbie and grew to respect her and her years of experience in the industry. (Ellen is also a regular commenter at VerlaKay.) Follow the link for Ellen’s tip in point 3 for how she moves from disappointment to hope in fifteen minutes flat. And remember “don’t be afraid of Nobody Land; it’s your best source of material.”

Wise words to remember.

Happy weekend, everyone. Tell me a way that you will persist this week. (I’m going to finish one of the final scenes in my middle grade. Yipee!).


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