Picture Book Jackets, An Observation

I noticed last weekend, while at my local bookstore, a handful of recent picture books have predominantly white jackets.

EXTRA YARN by Mac Barnett + Jon Klassen

They look crisp, clean, and sharp.


DRAGONS LOVE TACOS by Adam Rubin + Daniel Salmieri

I’ll admit, I sort of chuckled because it transported me to ninth grade cheerleading when my sponsor/coach announced our cheer uniforms had been changed from the traditional red to white.


ANOTHER BROTHER by Matthew Cordell

We were mortified. They’d show dirt. Make us look ill in the middle of winter when we’d be far from suntanned. Oh, were we vain.

A HOME FOR BIRD by Philip C. Stead

But, you know what? Our coach was right. We looked sharp and put together… as well as a group of junior varsity cheerleaders could in side ponytails and bangs sprayed to the stratosphere. (As a side note, that was my last year to cheer. I had much more fun gabbing in the stands.)


BOY + BOT by Ame Dyckman + Dan Yaccarino

So these bright white jackets got my attention. They stood out on the crowded picture book shelf. I’d even wondered if it was a new trend. Then I remembered Olivia, which I believe debuted in 2000.


She’s still going strong. No matter the hue.


OLIVIA and the FAIRY PRINCESSES by Ian Falconer

So you know, I highly recommend every one of these books. They are fantastic and fresh, with incredible, whimsical art. Each deserves to be read and re-read and read again. Who said the picture book market is dead?

Now you tell me, are there any coincidences you’ve noticed in picture books?


5 Responses to “Picture Book Jackets, An Observation”

  1. Lydia Kang

    I like the white background (like your blog!) It's clean and you get to see the important stuff immediately.

  2. kristinlgray

    Lydia, thanks for dropping by. Looking forward to your book's release!

    Kathryn, Good to see you here. 🙂 You really can't go wrong. They are all enjoyable reads!

  3. Myrna Foster

    DRAGONS LOVE TACOS looks like something that would go over well at our house. I like the covers. YA could use more white backgrounds.

  4. Mer

    Ok I tried to find the coincidences….TELL ME NOW!! I miss you. I really couldn't believe that pic of Jackson last week. K…he's SO HANDSOME! They are all just so beautiful! Katie told me M was in Z class! That's hilarious. I'm jealous:)