A new story of friendship.

That’s sure to be a classic.

It may be my go-to gift book of 2012.
I’ve been waiting, waiting ever since I first heard about this book over a year ago, and now it’s almost here! The idea is brilliant, and the art looks oh-so delightful.
Here is the PW review: When Blue Met Egg

A foldout bird’s-eye view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge—rendered in an airy cut-paper composition that features scraps of test answer sheets and a New York City map—is a highlight of Ward’s (Pelly and Mr. Harrison Visit the Moon) story about a kindhearted, stocking-capped bird. When Blue mistakes an errant winter snowball that lands in her nest for an egg that’s lost its mother, she snaps into action. Toting her tiny white charge in a bright orange pail, Blue embarks on a months-long search high and low, uptown and downtown, canvassing her fellow birds. The trip yields treasures like carousel rides and hot dogs, but no mama for Egg, who starts to shrink once warmer weather rolls around. Happily, spring provides a sunny conclusion. Those familiar with New York will recognize skyline landmark buildings, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and other stops in this uplifting Big Apple adventure. And Ward offers a plethora of fun visual details—Bird posting “Lost Egg” signs; Bird and Egg seated in a box at the opera—along the way. Ages 3–5. Agent: Andrea Brown Literary Agency. (Feb.)

Congrats to Ms. Ward and to Blue, whose sunny outlook I already adore.
I think I will hug her and squeeze her and call her George.

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