Love Time Travel?


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Casey Donovan, a fifteen-year-old teen with unmanageable curly hair, “the color of burnt toast”, is anything but typical. Sure, she has a crush on Nate MacKenzie, the cute football MVP of her high school, but she also carries a secret – that only her BFF knows. That is, until she accidentally takes the one and only Nate with her to the 19th century. Goodbye, shoulder pads. Hello, history. Perhaps that unit on the Civil War will come in handy after all.

CLOCKWISE is a smart, engaging read, a sure hit for lovers of time travel or the occasional history buff. I immediately liked Casey, her awkwardness, and felt like she could be a close friend. Casey’s story doesn’t disappoint. It refreshingly lacks the overzealous angst common to some YA reads and packs in the values of honest friendships and family relationships with a heart-warming, twist-at-the-end punch. Elle Strauss is a writer to watch.

I highly recommend this warm tale.

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