Sometimes, I’m amazed by us. (And by us, I don’t mean me.)

Really. That we send humans to space, have walked the surface of the moon, and can recover bits of rockets. Not in a prideful way, just awe-struck by some people’s intelligence when I struggle most days to string 400 cohesive words on paper or to remember what it was I was supposed to cook for dinner.

So, NASA released a high-definition video of the booster recovery process. I’d always wondered how they did this… or if they even bothered. I cannot fathom the hugeness of the splash, and this lucky crew watches it happen in open water.

I come from a family of scuba divers, so this fascinated me. I mean, who grows up thinking, I want to be those guys? But what an awesome job it is.

Thanks to kidlit agent Michael Bourret for posting the link on twitter. My nerd quota is met for the day.

4 Responses to “Sometimes, I’m amazed by us. (And by us, I don’t mean me.)”

  1. Monica B.W.

    Oh I didn't know you came from a family of scuba divers! So fun! My father-in-law used to be one.
    Thx for the video! 😀

  2. Bluestocking

    When I start out writing, I often forget all about the housework, the food that needs to marinade hours before dinner, whatever errands I promised I'd run. Sometimes I beat myself up for it, but if you are that involved in writing, even when each word's a struggle, it's a good thing, imo.