Perfect Story Arc in Under 1 Minute

No dialogue.
Showing vs/ telling.
A character worth rooting for.
A cute dog. (Never hurts.)
Authentic kid emotion and experience.
A twist ending.
Sure a grown-up swoops in, but by then, I don’t care. I want this kid to reach his goal.
Way to go, Volkswagen.

5 Responses to “Perfect Story Arc in Under 1 Minute”

  1. Monica B.W.

    You really had me laughing after watching this! I've never seen it before, and I'm on my way to show this to Hubby! 😀

  2. kristinlgray

    Tabitha – I know, right? I am not saying how many times we watched it.

    DL- They totally hit it out of the park. The expressions at the end, just classic.