Picture Book Process

I first heard of illustrator Lynne Chapman via the Picture Book Junkies.
My ears perked up immediately because she works in pastels.
I do too.
Er, did.
Once the kids began scribbling on enhancing my pictures and using the pigmented chalk to paint the floor, I packed up my supplies and began to write.
It’s a heckuva lot easier to click SAVE than wash/rinse/put away wet paint from little fingers.
Notice I didn’t say the writing itself was any easier.
But pastels are fragile. Even with fixative. Shipping finished work was always an adventure. (I only had one casualty.)
If you’re a picture book writer or illustrator, you’ll enjoy her video series. She talks about her process, starting with the commission. Her accent is fun, too.

How to illustrate a book – Part 1 from Open College of the Arts on Vimeo.

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