Librarians, avert your eyes.

If you’re doing Christmas on a shoe-string budget (like me) and are or know book lovers (like me), you must check out Living with Lindsay‘s fabulous tutorial on making your own book wreath. (That’s her wreath above.)
It’s raining here, and I’m working blissfully on a super secret project. My kids are away for a few hours, and the coffee is warm.
O, happy, happy Monday!

6 Responses to “Librarians, avert your eyes.”

  1. Andrea

    I am intrigued…"a super secret project!"
    Have an awesome day and enjoy those quite moments!

  2. kristinlgray

    Andrea – Thanks! It was a great day for quiet.

    Kristin – Sheet music would be perfect!

    Tess – Some days I don't have the patience. Glue guns + I = not a good mix. 🙂 Although I hear there are cold glue guns now.