For the Love of Picture Books

Even though The New York Times states picture books are languishing, they are alive and well here!
My second grader is starting Harry Potter, but he still reads picture books.
And I love it when my older boys read to their little brother and sister.
It melts my heart seeing them all together peacefully, no one jabbing their sibling in the ribs.
(Little man is laughing because his book slipped through the jacket to the floor. Somehow, we have a duplicate copy, which works out splendidly for nap time.)
So if you feel your big kid is too old for picture books, find a younger kid for them to read to. And if you can’t find any youngsters, feel free to borrow mine.
Reading out loud is not only great practice for your older student but an immense help to the little listeners developing their vocabulary and language skills.
Have a happy Friday! They only come around once a week…

5 Responses to “For the Love of Picture Books”

  1. Clara Gillow Clark

    I always enjoy seeing photos of your kids, Kristin! And what's not to love about picture books? They are the perfect antidote for the rainy day blues for all ages! I treasure my shelf of picture books.