A Snail’s Pace

I’m revising a few picture books. For real people. Funny how a person can’t rush ideas or creativity.
Of course, showing up to work is part of it. I don’t know about you, but I can think and stew for months then one day while enjoying a warm paraffin pedicure folding my seventh pair of stinky boy gym socks, some crucial element clicks into place.
But it seems to take forever. Or I’m just impatient.
The above photo is boy #4 with his pet for a day, Mr. Ruffles. He came up with the name on his own. Honest.
Perhaps he needs to wear stinky gym socks like his brothers.
Also, Author and illustrator Lindsay Barrett George is giving away 1 free school visit to anywhere in the country. Details here. Be sure to tell your school librarians.
Happy Wednesday!

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