My writing spot

This is where I work from home. At our kitchen table.

I’ve learned I cannot work on the couch or in bed. Give me ten minutes, then my head starts bobbing.
There’s a stack of books to be read in the chair by the window. My current library book (by Kathi Appelt) is on the table beneath the Rubik’s cube. I actually solved that cube two weeks ago. I didn’t remove single sticker either.
I had some help, from an online video – made by a kid. Alas, with five of my own, it was a temporary triumph. So there it sits, scrambled.
But I have plans for that cube. Oh yes I do, of the writerly type. Did you know the Rubik’s cube is 25 years old this year?
I have so many projects going at the moment, it is hard to know where to start.
I’ll get there.
One square at a time.

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