Showing Real Estate (Your Pages)

Mary Kole at wrote a thought-provoking post today for writers. She compared the pages of a novel to prime real estate. The first page, the introductory paragraph of each chapter, and the the closing paragraphs are what hook the reader and keep them turning pages.

Go here to read the full post.

As an aside, revising to query is kind of like getting your home ready to show. You dust, vacuum, carry out the trash, throw out clutter, rearrange furniture. And if small children are in the house, one last run through to make sure everyone has flushed. (Or is that just me?)
But we should do the same with our manuscripts before we show/ send them. We revise, tweak, cut the clutter. Scrub it until it shines. Even *gasp* move some scenes around. Proofread for typos. Anything to make it polished, immaculate, enticing. So the buyer cannot refuse.
Get your mops out. There’s work to do. 😉

2 Responses to “Showing Real Estate (Your Pages)”

  1. Bluestocking

    Thought Kole's post was interesting too and love the association of our ms with an open house every time we send it out. Except staging a home is way easier!