Book Birthday

Picture Book author Jean Reidy‘s newest book, TOO PICKLEY! releases today.
She wanted to throw a big party, but she’s in Uganda, Africa, reading to a bunch of cute kids and mending mosquito nets at the Musana Children’s Home. (Musana means sunshine in the local language.)

Could you help spread the word about her release? I know it’d mean a lot.

I LOVE pickles, but I suppose there comes a point where something can be TOO pickley.
If it is anything like TOO PURPLEY, which my daughter adores, then we’ll get along just fine. 😉
(Besides, who can resist that adorable cover?)

3 Responses to “Book Birthday”

  1. kristinlgray

    Myrna, check our her blog sometime. Jean is a wealth of writerly information.

    Clara, isn't the jacket great? 🙂