Today in History

Author of Frog and Toad, Owl At Home, and many other classics, Arnold Lobel, was born.

5 Responses to “Today in History”

  1. Clara Gillow Clark

    I love Frog and Toad and I LOVE Owl at Home. I'm sad that Arnold Lobel died so young. I'm sure he still had a lot of wonderful characters to share with the world. He lived on Washington Square Park in the Village and when I commuted to New School for Social Research on 12th St, I would sometimes drive along his street wondering where he lived. Btw–We share the same birthday! How cool is that?

  2. kristinlgray

    Mandy – a friend of mine had a Frog and Toad themed nursery for her baby.

    Clara – What a neat story. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Laura – classics through and through

  3. T. Anne

    When I see classic children's books it makes me feel cozy and makes me think of fall.