I was discouraged two days ago.

A wee bit last night.
Then I read about people like Stephen Parrish.
Thanks, Janet Reid, for the link.

3 Responses to “Discouraged?”

  1. Kim

    Wowzer! Great link.

    Discouragement is the story of writers' lives. If we never got discouraged, we'd never attempt to write any better. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You are a bang up writer, don't forget that!

  2. Livia

    Thanks for the link! I wonder at what point I'd decide to stop rewriting and start a new novel.

  3. Amy Tate

    Oh thank you for sharing this! What a wonderful tribute to hard work and perseverance. I can't wait to read a story like that on this blog, and I have a feeling that it might be sooner than ya think! Have a wonderful weekend!