Snow Day

We don’t get a ton of snow where I live (usually ice), so this Christmas was a special treat.
(Nixing the fact that my husband came down with the stomach bug at 3 AM Christmas morning. I have a deeper respect for you single parents doing holidays solo.)

However, we were blessed that morning to wake to a yard covered with white. Somehow in the midst of the chaos, I was able to take a mere 233 pictures! (No worries. I’m not posting them all here. They’re, ah, for the grandparents.)

After the great gift wrap clean up and frenzy of finding snow clothes that fit (the boy in blue above has mismatched mittens), snow angels were made. Icicles were plucked, if that’s what you call it.

Thanks to Hubby who warned the camera was on the wrong setting. I’m sure he saved our pictures (all 233 of them) from certain doom.
Hope you are healthy and warm and consuming hot cocoa with marshmallows. And reading tons of great books. I have four going at once. (It’s starting to drive me crazy.)

7 Responses to “Snow Day”

  1. Andrea

    Hope your hubby is better..poor guy! Your kids are adorable and looks like a beautifully special Christmas….one they will certainly talk about when they are older…."remember when it snowed for Christmas."

    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Natalie

    I love the picture of your son throwing snow! I remember feeling like that when it snowed–it was magical.

  3. Amy Tate

    Hi Kristin, I love your pictures, and your babies are beautiful! Thanks for joining my blog, I hope you'll visit again soon. Four books at once? Whew! Girl, you're worse than me, lol! But you can't have a snow day without a good book, right? Enjoy and Happy New Year!