The Pout Pout Fish

Published by FSG
Deep in the water,
Mr. Fish swims about
With his fish face stuck
In a permanent pout.
My children love this book about a pout-pout fish that cannot be cheered up. Swim along as the pout pout fish spreads his dreary wearies all over the place. Will any of the sea creatures be able to help his pout pout face? Bright, expressive illustrations with an actions speak louder than words happy ending. If you love rhyming books, this read is for you.

7 Responses to “The Pout Pout Fish”

  1. Audra

    How fun! My kids love rhyming books but they better be clever because you always end up reading them 6 times in a row every day!

  2. Heart2Heart

    Just the artwork alone makes me want to pick up and read all about the Pout Pout Fish! I wonder if he gets cheered up, bet he does!!!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Tess

    my kids are past the picture book phase technically, but I still by them by the ton…something about a good picture book,you know?

    thanks for coming over and commenting – always fun to meet new blogging/writing friends. Martha had my ms on submission, she said yes but, alas, her senior said pass. *sigh* she passed along some great revision suggestions, however so I just completed those and are getting ready for another round of submissions. little by little, right?

    btw, love the chalk art from your son. too sweet.

  4. Debbie Diesen

    I was recently doing some Google searching on my and Dan Hanna's book title, and I was tickled to run across your nice review of The Pout-Pout Fish! I'm so glad your children enjoy the story.

    If you'd like some signed Pout-Pout bookmarks for your kids, just drop me an email via my web site, and I'd be happy to send some along.

    Best Fishes!
    Debbie Diesen