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Friday Five and a Half

1. My daughter had her first dance recital. She’s not bossy or anything.
(Remind me to pull her hair back next year, will ya?)
2. I had a fabulous time in Chicago, in spite of icky weather (32 degrees, people.)
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On Studying Writing

I’ve been reading, a lot.
Craft books, novels, a beta manuscript.
I’ve learned a few things in the last couple weeks of study.
1. Don’t make the antagonist evil for evil’s sake. Give your villain a reason or something redeeming,
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I’ve Fallen

I have fallen – and fallen hard – for a new middle grade. Every. Single. Line is perfect, witty, and chosen with care. It’s no surprise, as the author is my hero. (The illustrations are spot-on, too.)
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Life Goes On

With so much heartache in the world making headlines, I thought I’d share a happy video. This wasn’t my scheduled post for today, but I hope you’ll be smiling and toe-tapping before it’s done.

I’m going quiet the rest of
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