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It’s been years since we gave this dog away.
Funny, I never got around to finishing.
Don’t think I want to.
I loved that dog. She was horrid.
Which makes me wonder.
How can I be sure about leaving that
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Friday Five

1. We had a mini-blizzard in my corner of the world, where they cancel school for a few flakes and are not accustomed to such blustery-ness and frigid temps (-18 F).
2. That’s right. I made blustery a noun.
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Make a Superlative Book

by Mo Willems.*

• Biggest thing one needs to do…decide whose side your on…the key: BE ON THE KID’S SIDE. • Realize that childhood sucks. • Life is filled with restrictions for kids. • Keep in mind that the
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Perfect Story Arc in Under 1 Minute

No dialogue.
Showing vs/ telling.
A character worth rooting for.
A cute dog. (Never hurts.)
Authentic kid emotion and experience.
A twist ending.
Sure a grown-up swoops in, but by then, I don’t care. I want this kid to reach
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Merry Christmas 2010

From our house(s) to yours!

It’s hard to let the ever growing pile of rejections get me down this time of year. Shoot, I even missed the lunar eclipse, but Candy! Baked goods! Everywhere! (We even have a birthday thrown
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