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Chin up, Buttercup

I’m revising a story and reminding myself to “Think big, work small.”
To “Be brave.”
And “try, try, again.”
Taking it in tiny, doable bits.
After all, “finishing is better than starting.” (Ecclesiastes 7:8)
Sometimes the road is long, and … Read More

Updates and whatnot.

I have been missing from the blog as of late. School started. We moved. And, well, we’re just now feeling somewhat settled in the new place. It’s a process, but I love our quirky old house. It fits us. I … Read More


A little in love with my view this week.

And look out the dining room window. Can you just imagine eating all your meals here? I predict by dinner a 1,000 piece puzzle will work its way to this tabletop.… Read More

What I read Wednesday.

Only it’s Sunday.

We took a little road trip. Which was a) amazing b) gave me time to read (when I wasn’t driving) and c) left me with a mountain of laundry and great memories and a good three pounds … Read More