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The Numbers Game

Corey from Thing 1 and Thing 2 has a motivational post about wanting to be a writer. It puts some numbers to the whole “well then, just write” mantra.

Her first picture book, Hop! Plop!, released in April 2006, the
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The Babysitters Club Great Comeback

Scholastic is launching a comeback of Ann M. Martin’s best selling series, The Baby-Sitters Club with a prequel thrown in!

Here’s the link to the press release. Two hundred and thirteen titles?! Don’t believe me? Look here. Holy guacamole!
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In which I bake. . . a lot.

Something about being snowed in makes me want donuts or cinnamon rolls. Maybe since that’s what my mom and the neighbor kids’ mom always served up on sledding days. Who knows. I’ve baked entirely too much these last three days. … Read More

A Study on Voice

And sight.
I highly recommend this book.
It was in my top three of amazing reads of 2009. Frankly, it changed the way I view the world.
Rumor has it movie in the works.
It’s for grown-ups.
And it’s
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Snow Day

We don’t get a ton of snow where I live (usually ice), so this Christmas was a special treat.
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