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*UPDATE* E came out of a nearly 10 hour surgery with flying colors! Thank you to everyone who prayed and sent positive thoughts! She’s continued to amaze her cardio team. I saw her about an hour post-op, and she was
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Do the Write Thing

My oldest was born in Tennessee, so I have a soft spot for the state. The homeless population has especially been on my mind this week. Between the flood and the oil spill, a lot of folks are in need.
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When to query

From ABLA agent Mary Kole,
I tell people at conferences the same exact things (are y’all listening out there from Dallas?!). If I ask to see something, or I am even remotely interested in what you’re doing,
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I’m Not Jealous

Really, who’d want a room like this with PICTURE BOOK ART on the walls?

Who needs an insanely colorful collection of recycled, found objections and spunky, one of a kind pillows? Me.
A painted red gate for a headboard? Me.
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My First Page Problem

Being the indecisive creature I am, I have eight, count them 8, varying versions of my first page. I have a first page problem. Some of it stems from a deep rooted perfectionism or competitiveness. I’m always trying to one-up
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New Favorite Site

They Draw & Cook.

Recipe renderings by artists, illustrators, and designers.
I mean, really, both talents?
It’s mouth-watering incredible.
And a little unfair.
Though I do love that Lumberjack.
Thanks to illustrator Roz Fulcher for the link.
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I’m Back

I took a week off to play with my family.
We headed to the mountains and had some serious fun.
Now it’s back to reality and loads of laundry.
I took my laptop but never pulled it out of the
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Book Cover Design

Want a behind the scenes look at an amazing job that requires a lot of savvy?

I don’t know about you, but often times, I’ll pick up a book based on the cover alone. After reading the flap copy or
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